Effie Easton to Minnie Evans Keyes
Helen R. Piper to Saidee Pettus Hoose
Salutatory Address at Peking American School's 1935 Commencement / Anne Edwards
Saidee Pettus Hoose's Christmas letter to her Hoose in-laws in America
Saidee Pettus Hoose to William and Linda Hoose
Saidee Pettus Hoose to Edna Johannaber
Saidee Pettus Hoose to William and Sarah Pettus
Saidee Pettus Hoose to Willard and Mary Price
Reunion of Class of 1910 / Saidee Pettus Hoose
Account of the Nanjing Incident, during the KMT's Northern Expedition/A.J. Bowen,with reply by John K. Davis, US Consul
Letters to Saidee Pettus Hoose from Minnie Evans Keyes
Saidee Hoose to Mr. Moore
Statement by Hu Shi regarding the Old and New Testaments
Letter to Bishop L. J. Birney from T.K Tsai, G.H. Hsiung and W.Y. Hwa
Poem by Charlotte DeForest
Minnie Evans Keyes to Earl A. Hoose, Jr.
Saidee Pettus Hoose to Mrs. MacNaught
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