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"154. Picking Oranges at Santa Ana", cabinet card photograph, circa 1890s
"23033--Repairing Chapen at Mission San Fernando, Calif. Adobe Brick Making in Olden Times", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1910s
"Automatic Sizer Distributing Oranges to Sizing Bins", lantern slide, circa 1920s
"Camp of 'Cholos', Los Angeles, stereoscopic photograph, circa 1900
"Gathering walnuts in California", postcard, circa 1915
"Grading oranges, Cal.", postcard, circa 1905
"Grading walnuts in California", postcard, 1909-01-15
"Irrigating an orange grove, Riverside, California", stereoscopic photograph, 1902
"Making Adobe Bricks at Casa Verdugo, / near Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, 1908-12-12
"Packing Oranges, Southern California, U.S.A.", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1890s
"Picking and loading grapes near Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, circa 1915
"Picking Oranges on a Covina Ranch, California", postcard, circa 1915
"The Santa Rita Settlement", pamphlet, circa 1920
"Walnut drying, Katella Ranch at Anaheim, Cal.", postcard, circa 1907
"Walnut grading in California", postcard, circa 1910
"White Slavery in Los Angeles", pamphlet, 1913
Korean-Japanese writer, Yu Miri overcoming Korea and Japan
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The Major Plays Of Tennessee Williams, 1940 To 1960
An Examination Of Three Major Novels In World Literature In The Light Of Critical Precepts Derived From Tolstoy'S "What Is Art?"
Nonverbal Communication In Counseling:  An Exploratory Study
A Study Of The Effectiveness Of Group Counseling In Achieving The Goals Of Guidance In Education, Using Two Contrasting Formats
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