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Wood in Trinidad
Girls' boarding school in Calicut.
Girls' boarding school in Calicut.
Fernando Po: Port Clarienu.
"Bettigeri mission compomet" [sic].
Hubli bazaar and the place where one preaches.
Eternal silence.
Fetish priestess.
Surveying the field: the popular origins of art history in nineteenth-century Britain and France
Festival for the deities in Mulki.
Ramseyer and Kühne in shackles.
Fakir with his head buried.
Mangalore: Government buildings.
Kotagiri chapel.
Indian officials.
Temple to the deities in Honor.
Shagoti, South Mahratta.
Village in Chota Nagpur.
The mission church in Codacal.
Mission church Betgeri.
Mission chapel, Hubli.
Dharwar mission house.
A fakir who walks on pots his whole life.
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