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The role of ethnic culture in work-family balance among Armenian women in leadership positions in higher education
Old women living at the women's station in Takushan.
[Group of women and girls]
[African women in a village]
[Young Polynesian women]
Gabonese women, in Gabon
Women singing in Gabon
[Three women in Gabon]
African women, in Gabon
Christian women, in Gabon
Women in Gabon
Continuity and change in single-sex higher education for women: Examining the climate of diversity at a Catholic women's college
Women's welcome, in Gabon
Senegalese women, in Madagascar
Galwa women, in Gabon
secretary for women's Committee
Leadership for the 21st century: effectiveness of mentorship in the development of senior leaders for U.S. higher education
Experiences of African American males accessing the pipeline of higher education through the Neighborhood Academic Initiative
Are U.S. colleges being “oversold” to today’s students? A look at the realities of public relations in undergraduate higher education
Racing? to transform colleges and universities: an institutional case study of race-related organizational change in higher education
[Women in Ambanja, Madagascar]
The perceptions of faculty and administrators of remedial mathematics education in two higher education institutions
Assuming the trusteeship: studying the influence of learning and preparation on the decision-making practices of members of public multicampus boards of higher education
Beyond access: an evaluation of attitudes and learning towards achieving equitable educational outcomes in higher education
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