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"A Chinese Family", postcard, 1905-08-05
"A Place of Worship", postcard, 1909-10-21
"A Spanish Courtship", postcard, 1905
"Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and those sanctified women", COGIC scholar's forum, 2002
"Creaking Chairs" - theatricals, Southern California, 1927
"Dead" woman rescued, 1951
"Desert Song", Windsor Square Theater, Southern California, 1927
"Digger Indians", photograph, circa 1860s
"Entrance of the Tejon Pass, And a Portion of the Tejon", lithograph, 1855
"Finding the jeweled chalice, third act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Grading oranges, Cal.", postcard, circa 1905
"I have no clothes to wear", Los Angeles Times, Southern California, 1940
"Just the House we've always wanted." - Francis Pyle, Southern California, 1936
"Kid from Spain" girls at John Brandeis Rancho, Chatsworth, Southern California, 1932
"Little Women" dress, Southern California, 1934
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Marilyn", Southern California, 1931
"Mexican funeral", engraving, circa 1855
"Packing Oranges, Southern California, U.S.A.", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1890s
"Reflection, the cross", notes for a sermon, [s.d.]
"Safespot" publicity, Southern California, 1933
"Sick Repatriate Reaches Japan" -- caption on photograph
"Society"- Northridge Woman's Club Sportsman's Lodge, 1958.
"That's the oil I depend on", Hyvis Oil Co., Southern California, 1932
"The Club Woman", magazine, 1910-03-01
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