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Quantification and modeling of sensorimotor dynamics in active whisking
The Rajah of Kuttipuram in Malabar (India) with an umbrella and fan-carriers, relatives (Nayers), Brahmins and soldiers.
Banso chief.
Kyebi - Royal grouping from Akem.
During the ceremony in which people declare their allegiance to the King.
Ngutane, the oldest daughter of the King, being carried.
Functional properties of the superficial cortical interneurons
A heathen man, who has just joined an Isango society, with symbols he has been given.
Grave of a chief, Ethiopia, [s.d.]
First annual Trailer Coach Association show, 1954
Entrance to Sontag Drug Store, 324 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA, 1935 [image 1]
Statler Center unique motorist lobby
Lasango dance-costume in Fontem - beadwork.
Fetish priestess.
Ornocke Ata [Quaccoe Attah]. King of Cape Coast.
The missionaries held prisoner before the Asante King, Kumase.
Hindu priest (Swami) with pupils and servants, India.
Chief Ndze from We.
Chief Galega II of Bali.
Chief's wives dancing in Bali.
The missionaries Ernst, Hohner, and Lösch in traditional Bali costumes.
King Nyonga of Bali and his palace.
Fetish priest on the Gold Coast.
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