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Bolts holding hammer to cement floor, Southern California, 1930 [image]
Bolts holding hammer to cement floor, Southern California, 1930
Drops of water fall like the blows of a hammer.
Numerical and experimental study on dynamics of unsteady pipe flow involving backflow prevention assemblies
Water in the Freeman House: a study of the block in the textile block construction assembly as the primary route for water infiltration
Shock-induced nanobubble collapse and its applications
Boy and tire, Pacific Goodrich Co., Southern California, 1931 [image]
Hydrogeology of La Habra Ground Water Basin, California
Hydrogeology of La Habra ground water basin, California
The Dynamic Response Of A Submerged Structure To An Impulsive Water-Shockloading
A study of meat processing operations with particular reference to water uses
Ecology of kelp forest demersal zooplankton
Oak Ridge tract, Southern California, 1930 [image 7]
South Vermont Avenue knoll, Southern California, 1928 [image 9]
Interiors, Diamond Laundry, Southern California, 1931 [image 4]
Safeway store vs. Bruse Harris, Beverly and Normandie, Los Angeles, CA, 1928 [image 1]
Blacksmith, unidentified location, 1940
Hydroelectric power storage versus steam power: An economic comparison for future peak load power requirements of the A B C Water and Power Co.
Rabochie s molotami i piloi
Fish -- Shark -- Hammerhead, 1958
Caltech groundbreaking -- Keck Engineering Building, 1959
Truck wrecked by oncoming car, Pacific Wholesale Grocery Co., Los Angeles, CA, 1931 [image 5]
Kazhdyi udar molota -- udar po vragu!
The Wuzhen model: analyzing a strategy of old town tourism in China
Portrait, Dr. Ivey, Southern California, 1934
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