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Injecting warm fuzzies into cold systems: defining, benchmarking, and assessing holistic, person-centered academic advising
man and woman in warm clothes
With warm greetings, A. & A. Streckeisen.
Design of double skin (envelope) as a solar chimney: adapting natural ventilation in double envelope for mild or warm climates
Katherine Yim and seven other women in Warm Springs, California
A boy dressed in warm clothing at Fushun, China, 1939
Ranomafana, warm cure bath, Antsirabe,  Madagascar, ca.1917
Ranomafana, the warm cure bath,  Antsirabe, Madagascar, 1918
Future impacts of warming and other global change variables on phytoplankton communities of coastal Antarctica and California
Boys in winter with baskets holding burning coal, to keep them warm.
Global warming is good for business
To dear mother Johanna, warm blessings on your birthday, from Martha Kiener.
He who laughs last....with warm greetings from Hedy and Horst Jeschawitz in Bandjermasin March 1935.
To Miss A. Oehler with warm greetings from H. Ritter. Boarding school children in Karkala at their meal.
"Stutz, Maue, Schwab, Spieth, Gohl, Spellenberg, Bommer, Schmoll, N [Nothwang], Merkel, Stern, Schweikhart. A friendly souvenir of the consecration with [illiegible] - warm greetings to all, Erwi...
Myau houses in Khongwo seen from the chapel. Rice fields. The lake is warm. There are hot sulphur springs close to the houses (about 10 springs of this kind in Khongwo). One can boil fowls in them.
Relationships between physical performance and warm-up procedures of varying intensity and duration
The Effects Of General And Specific Warm-Up On Subsequent Motor Performance
Warm-Up Effects Of Relaxation And Stretching Techniques Upon Gross Motor Performance
A study of the effect of certain warm-up procedures on performance in shot-putting
Housewarming day and general interiors and exteriors, Southern California, 1940 [image 7]
An exploratory study to identify and measure: A mutually warm and supporting relationship in marriage
The Geology Of Parts Of The Redrock Mountain, Warm Spring, Violin Canyon,And Red Mountain Quadrangles, Los Angeles County, California
An investigation into a possible method for evaluation of the warm-up curve for determination of short lot production standards
Investigating the role of climate in affecting residential electricity consumption through high spatiotemporal resolution observations
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