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"Picking Oranges on a Covina Ranch, California", postcard, circa 1915
"Spanish dance: Act 2, Mission play, San Gabriel, California", postcard
Small Sacrifices
A comparative study of a group of eighteenth-century high chests produced in Salem, Massachusetts
The relationship between the material properties of femoral cortical bone and bone density
Risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in Latinos:  Los Angeles Latino eye study
A History Of Recreational Social Dance In The United States
Cognitive Components In The Process Of Solving A Problem By Moving In Appropriate Ways
Black Dance In The United States, From 1619 To 1970
Elastic Stability And Dynamic Analysis Of Hyperboloidal Shells Of Revolution
Operant Discrimination Of An Interoceptive Stimulus In The Urinary Bladder Of Intact And Dorsal Root Transected Female Rhesus Monkeys
The Effects Of Diphenylhydantoin On The Galvanic Skin Responses Of Psychopathic And Normal Prisoners
Investigation Of Two Nucleon Transfer Reactions In Fluorine-19 Using 45 Mev Protons
Stimulus and response generalization of classes of imitative and nonimitative behavior as a function of reinforcement, task, cues, and number of therapists
A cabinet studio photograph of a group of women in military-like stage costumes, circa 1900s
A studio portrait of a man in a two piece vaquero suit, circa 1890
ISKCON, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, 1716 West Lunt Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Muslim men at prayers and rally, Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C., 2002
Three people standing, Wat Thai Temple, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, 2003
Centro Penal de Apanteos, Santa Ana, El Salvador
Two young men of Hispanic origin, San Salvador.
Brassiere on Eve Lynn, Southern California, 1936
Hopi Governor in the village of Shonguapavi, ca.1901
Mexican family at home, California, ca.1880
Sioux chief Sitting Bull addressing a council at Fort Yates, North Dakota, before December 15, 1890
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