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Frontal view of model of Los Angeles City Hall (built in 1928), [s.d.]
View of early-model automobiles outside a diner, [s.d.]
Early-model automobile traversing a narrow mountain pass, [s.d.]
Deriving traverse paths for scientific fieldwork with multicriteria evaluation and path modeling in a geographic information system
Aerial view of two men creating a model of waterways, ca.1925
Two early-model automobiles on a narrow mountain road, [s.d.]
Early-model automobiles parked on a snow-covered street, [s.d.]
Man photographing a model waterway system from an elevated platform, ca.1925
Early-model automobile on a hill overlooking a cove, [s.d.]
Disparity estimation from multi-view images and video: graph models and algorithms
Early-model automobile at the "Devil's Golf Course" area of Death Valley, ca.1928
Evaluation of the mechanism of variability of the delta18O in alpha-cellulose of tropical deciduous tree pinus kesiya: conventional models and new thinking
In/visible constituents: the representation of undocumented immigrants
Anatomically based human hand modeling and simulation
Group of three men constructing a waterways model, showing one man in an elevated box, ca.1925
Early model Tourist automobile parked on the side of a dirt road, ca.1905
Two young women in Spanish costumes placing candles on a 5-ft tall cake that has a model of the Los Angeles City Hall on top, ca.1930
Model of a sewn pine canoe made by Chumash Indians on the coast near Carpenteria, [s.d.]
Portrait of thirteen visitors at Long Beach modeling their bathing suits, Los Angeles, ca.1910
The role of international research collaboration in enhancing global presence of an institution
Young women in Spanish costumes placing candles cake that has a model of Los Angeles City Hall on top, ca.1930
Accurate 3D model acquisition from imagery data
Global analysis and modeling on decentralized Internet
A perceptual model of evaluative knowledge
View of a 1901-model Victor automobile in a parking lot near a Safeway store(?), ca.1935
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