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Studies of the effect of a vegetable fat and an animal fat on cholesterol metabolism
An index of educational resources in San Dimas, California.
River, Mozambique, ca. 1901-1907
Honjen during the floods, 19th May 1936. 3: View from the D[octor's] living quarters over to the school and chapel. In the foreground our vegetable garden.
Shrubs and trees, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Quaternary geomorphic surfaces on the northern Perris Block, Riverside County, California: Interrelationship of soils, vegetation, climate and tectonics
A spatio-temporal analysis of the metabolizable energy intake of the Tana River red colobus (Procolobus rufomitratus rufomitratus)
An Index And Encyclopedia Of The Characters In The Fictional Works Of William Faulkner
Rocky stream bed, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Ibexes in a zoo, South Africa, ca. 1933-1939
Coconut palm, Beira, Mozambique, ca. 1940-1950
Garden, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, ca. 1901-1907
Cattle at the watering place, Antioka, Mozambique, ca. 1901-1907
Missionary Daniel Wagang is educating local cambodjan farmers with special focus on establishin...
Bol'she ovoshchei i fruktrov sovetskim gorodam i promyshlennym tsentram!
Self-portrait of Arnold Borel, Elim, Limpopo, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Mrs Liengme with an African gardener, Elim, Limpopo, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Miss Jacot at Klein Letaba River, Lemana, South Africa, ca. 1906-1915
Assessment of land cover change in Southern California from 2003 to 2011 using Landsat Thematic Mapper
Market of Foumban, in Cameroon
[Market in Cameroon]
Preparing fu fu (native food), Nigeria, 1933
African woman, Antioka, Mozambique, ca. 1916-1930
A basketmaker.
Type of hut, in Cameroon
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