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Fountain Trust. Leadership Course, 1977
Closing of the Fountain Trust, 1980
Fountain Trust Gospel & Spirit, 1977
Fountain Trust photo album
Examining current U.S. public art trust fund programs for applications in Taiwan: visions for Taiwan 's new public art trust fund
Fountain Trust Council Meetings, 1969-1974
Fountain Trust Advisory Council minutes, 1969-1979
Fountain Trust reports, agenda, memoranda, 1967-1973
Fountain Trust Consultative Council minutes, 1977-1979
Organizational and community capacity building efforts: a case study of initiatives funded by the Children's Trust
Foundation Trust Theological Workshops
Ellis (Holmes County Bank and Trust Company), letter, 1974, to Mallory (Saints College)
Wilson (Holmes County Bank and Trust Company), letter, 1974, to Mallory (Saints College)
Fountain Trust Minutes, 1964-1966
Fountain Trust Committee Minutes, 1966
Portrait of the attendees of a Swan's Valley fund-raising picnic, Catalina Island, [s.d.]
Fountain Trust Trustees Minutes, 1966-1969
Fountain Trust. Guildford University Conference, 1970
Fountain Trust discussion on exorcism, 1971, 1975
Ruins of the vaults in the Fireman's Fund Building in San Francisco following the earthquake and fire, 1906
Fountain Trust Executive Meetings, 1971-1975
The use of students funds of knowledge to increase college success among low-income and first-generation students
Declaration of Trust: Maria Hyun
Declaration of Trust: Soon Hyun
Fountain Trust 1. Documents of Renewal Group, 1963-1991
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