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Tribal woman is teaching
Tribal people. Education. 2001
Tribal woman is teaching
North India. Students at hostel of "Tribal welfare".
Dr. Lis Madsen in a tribal village near Bissamcuttack, India
Tribal women is being taught.
Tribal people in a village, Ratanakiri, 2001
Literacy program in evening schools amongst tribal people in the frontier Province of Ratanakir...
Havasupai Indian man, Vesna, a tribal leader, ca.1899
Havasupai Indian man, Vesna, a tribal leader, ca.1899
Missionary Dr. Lis Madsen in conversation with Grethe Nørgaard Pedersen in a tribal village in ...
Uniatella(?) Indian horsemen parading through their tribal site, ca.1900
New Christian tribal people are testifying their faith, NELC, North India, November 2000. "Befo...
Daniel Wagang is teaching tribal people, May 2001
Tribal woman, 25 years old. Employed in ICC, Ratanakiri
The Bible is translated into tribal language, May 2001
Dr. Lis Madsen in a tribal village near Bissamcuttak
Tribal police, Embu, Kenya, ca.1927
Boy with tribal markings, Nigeria, ca. 1925
Negotiating pluralism and tribalism in liberal democratic societies
Indigenous tribal people, Chamba, ca.1900
Local cooperators at the Laungage Project to the Tribal people, 2001
Tribal people are selling food in the market in the frontier Provinces, 2001
Daniel Wagang is sharing seeds in a tribal village, May 2001
Tribal people are heavy smokers. Jørgen Nørgaard Pedersen supplies his souvenirs, 20001
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