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Nepal 1995. Health clinic involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
UMN, Nepal. United Mission Hospital Tansen, 1989. From a treatment room of the Surgical Departm...
Estimation of treatment effects in randomized clinical trials which involve non-trial departures
Dopamine dependent: examining the link between learning and treatment-resistant depression
Addressing federal pain research priorities: drug policy, pain mechanisms, and integrative treatment
A mobile clinic used for the outreach treatment of leprosy in 19 villages around Vadathorasalur
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Unexpected medical treatment, Sichuan, China, 1926
A comparison of root resorption between Invisalign treatment and contemporary orthodontic treatment
The effect of surface treatment and translucency on the shear bond strength between resin cement and zirconia
Patients who arrive for treatment at Vadathorasalur Hospital, Arcot, South India. Used in: Dans...
Post-treatment analysis of the glare remediation of the Walt Disney Concert Hall
Medical treatment, Mozambique, ca. 1933-1939
Mandibular plane angle changes with or without premolar extraction treatment in adult orthodontics measured using 3-D cone beam technology
Resveratrol treatments support lung alveolar epithelial type 2 cell survival and prolong lung health in aging mice
Slow maxillary expansion for the treatment of unilateral crossbite in pre-adolescents: a long-term retrospective study of the changes in arch dimension
A comparison of improvements in sight reading pitch accuracy in beginning instrumentalists after treatment
Enhanced Burkitt 's lymphoma cell killing by the combination treatments of bortezomib with celecoxib and 2,5-dimethyl-celecoxib (DMC)
Trauma-related treatment gains among women with histories of interpersonal violence and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders
Treatment at the mission clinic, Kasai, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Slide Series, Bangladesh 1990: "Leprosy - the old scourge" - No. 12: Treatment of lepers with u...
Treatment of patients, Sevapur Hospital, Assam, North India. (The hospital was founded by Missk...
Treatment of patients, Sevapur Hospital, Assam, North India. The hospital founded by Missionary...
Treatment of patients, Sevapur Hospital, Assam, North India. The hospital was founded by Missio...
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