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Rev. Stutz' translator and servant.
Lepers, who helped Bodding with Bible translation
Translated bible, 1958.
Translated bible, 1958.
Revising the Bible [translation] in Abokobi.
Mission festival, 1937 in Ebo, at that time 'Lower Bakobngwan', with the evangelist Abraham Mba. Four translators were needed.
Head of translation board, Jinan, Shandong, China, ca.1940
Improved word alignments for statistical machine translation
Comparative genomics of translational regulation
Translating early Christian documents, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1938
Bible translators in Hong Kong.
General assembly at Nyborg Strand in 1994. Lars Mandrup translates ?.
The Bible is translated into tribal language, May 2001
Translated bible, 1958.
Smaller, faster and accurate models for statistical machine translation
Service on 26th June 1932 in Herrnhut. The Bishop of Salisbury preaching. A.K. Is standing by him and translating.
Soisingra Mosahary in front of the Bible Translation Centre at Shillong, established by the Nor...
Asian Outreach, Hong Kong. Picture from the work of translating the Bible to Chinese. The card ...
Concept classification with application to speech to speech translation
Rayagada, Orissa, India, 1980. Danish Missionary Agnes Hertz working on translation of the New ...
Professor Schlunk speaking in the Balmatha church in Mangalore, at his side Karunaker as translater.
Translating research into practice: a community-based medication management intervention
The molecular studies of HCV RNA replication and translation
Beyond parallel data: decipherment for better quality machine translation
Translating Chinese poetry: Bei Dao as a case study
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