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A revival of primary healing hypotheses​: A comparison of traditiona​l healing approaches of Arabs and American Indians
Traditional healer sitting by the roadside, Ghana, ca.1920-1940
Distribution of medicines, in Manyemen
ELCT, Karagwe Diocese, Tanzania. From Nyakahanga Hospital. Store for medicine etc. Photo 1991.
Medicine cupboard.
Lysbilledserie no. 392, 42The mission's history in Madagascar. Medicine Man from Tulear area. T...
The Mission Station buildings in Bali: a house for the pupils, and a store for medicines.
Distribution of medicine, in Ebeigne, Gabon
Merchants selling medicines.
Girl taking her medicine, in Ebeigne, Gabon
Children taking his medicine, in Ebeigne, Gabon
Female diviner and medicine man. The latter is preparing medicine.
East Jeypore, Gunupur, India. Missionary Kæthe Andersen prepares medicine for distribution.
Missionary nurse Helga Johansen distributes medicin at Vadathorasalur hospital, South India
College of Medicine & Dentistry, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1945
Shop selling medicines in Hokschuha.
Missionary Nurse Helga Johansen is distributing Leprocy medicin at Vadathorasalur Leprosy Hospi...
Karen Borgbjerg. BM in Medicine from Aarhus University and Tropical Medicine from Copenhagen Un...
Info-Secretary of DSM, Journalist Henri Peter Nissen visiting Calcutta, March 1985. Medicin bei...
East Jeypore, India. Missionary Stinne Korsgaard Pedersen is preparing medicine for delivery at...
Kalrayan Hills, South India. Nurse and volunteer, Karen Randrup with her medicine kit, 1994.
Medicine and dentistry schools, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1939
Missionaries distributing medicine, Kumbakonam, India, ca.1920-1940
Marianne Malling selling medicine in a small Madagascan village in 1998. The picture was taken ...
Danish Mission Hospital, Tirukoilur, Tamil Nadu, South India, October1998. Delivery of medicine...
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