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The impact of family factors on the functioning of African-American consumers living with schizophrenia
Interim analysis methods based on elapsed information time: strategies for information time estimation
Mentoring outcomes in education: the perceived impact for mentors in induction programs
The Women's Hospital in Antung at Chrismas-time seen from the Danish School
The Leprosy Clinic at Changhua, Taiwan. Chess game reducing the waiting time for patients.
Ruin of the Cathedral of Greenland from the Norse time. Postcard
Jens Peder Pedersen, employed part-time in home work from 01.05.1968.
Leisure-time Teacher, Aase Dammeyer, with kids at Lukajange Nursery, Karagwe, Tanzania.
North India. From the Leprosy Work. Instruction lesson or leisure time (?)
Missionaries of the Danish Santal Mission in Bangladesh. Also time for enjoying the fellowship.
DMS Bookshop Crater, Aden.Mubarak the long time manager of the bookshop
Concept mapping of the sources of perceived impact on community college students' identity development: a students' perspective
Factors impacting drug disposition and clinical outcomes: age, hepatic metabolism, renal elimination and pharmacogentetics
Play time at the mission school, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Medication compliance to statin therapy and its impact on disease outcomes in type 2 diabetes
Using Landscape Integrity Index to evaluate the cumulative impacts of BLM resource management programs
Snack time during festival, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1924
Time for the bear and the orang-utang to dance.
Mixing times for the commuting chain
Flood front tracking and continuous recording of time lag in immiscible displacement
How peer leadership impacts hazing in the arena of non-revenue generating college athletics
Itok: the young teacher of English (John Time Edio).
Addressing uncertainty during renaming using space-time contexts
The relationship between pubertal timing and delinquent behavior in maltreated male and female adolescents
Women's Bible School in Fenghwangcheng. A corner of the yard by spring time. Applied 1931
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