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Perpetual misunderstanding: Paul Thek in the nineties
Politics and economics of urban runoff in southern California:  Investigation of alternative solutions
The impact of rising academics and winning athletics since 1992 at the University of Southern California
1956 Miss Junior Rose Bowl, 1956
Action football scenes on field, Pasadena, CA, 1934
Aerial views from Goodyear blimp (Paegel), 1955
Air photos by Sansone, 1956
Armistice Parade... Pasadena... Spanish-American War veterans marching, 1951
Betty Ann Harvey at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 1941
Carrier pigeons at rose bowl, Pasadena, Calif., 1937
Cars stalled in mud (Rose Bowl game), 1955
Cerebral Palsy, 1952
Chief Justice Warren in Pasadena, 1954
Aerial view of the Colorado Street bridge in Pasadena with the Rose Bowl in the background, December 18, 1935
Birdseye view of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena during a football game, ca.1926
Aerial view of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena during a football game, January 1, 1930
Aerial view of Pasadena Rose Bowl during a football game, 1927
Indian festival at the Rose Bowl, [s.d.]
Arroyo Seco channel, looking north from a point 600 feet south of San Rafael Avenue near Rose Bowl, 1936
A football game between the University of Southern California and University of Wisconsin during Rose Bowl, January 1, 1963
A panoramic view of a Rose Bowl game, ca.1930
Aerial view of the Rose Bowl in Hollywood, [s.d.]
Mrs. Jessie Benton Fremont at the home of Major Rust, South Pasadena, April 1898
Illustrated map of Los Angeles County, showing region from the mountains to sea, June 1931
Arroyo Seco Road in Pasadena, ca.1910
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