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Platte Guild place mine near Jennington, Southern California, 1932
Karen Gormsen together with children from Antung Orphanage Litteratur: Karen Gormsen, Mine børn...
Naval Attaché (Peiping). Naval Torpedo and Mine School, Nanking, 1934
Mining the intangible past of Virginia City's Chinese pioneers: Using historical geographic information system (HGIS) to document, visualize and interpret the spatial history of Chinese in Montan...
Genome mining of natural product biosynthesis pathways in filamentous fungi for novel drug discovery and production
Guild platte placer mine near Yerington, NV, 1932
Information granulation and dimensionality reduction of seismic vibration monitoring data using orthonormal discrete wavelet transform for possible application to data mining, 2003
Machine house of the silver mine in Khitschung.
Car and store of the mining company, Nsawom.
Mining an ePR system using a treatment plan navigator for radiation toxicity to evaluate proton therapy treatment protocol for prostate cancer
Yukon Mining Co.
Time-sensitive social media mining and its applications
Matting house lived in by the two directors of the mine.
An analysis of occupational information texts
No. 101: Gold mine.
Aerial view on a mining
An efficient approach to clustering datasets with mixed type attributes in data mining
In the gold mines near Tawah (in the background the entrance to a shaft).
Tewah. Cooking for the harvest festival. The tracks originally come from an old gold mine.
Metallurgy, mining, and English colonization in the Americas, 1550-1624
Goldmine in Obuase (the best mine). Workshop, hammer mill, slide, steam engine, tower.
Secondary metabolites biosynthesis in Aspergillus species revealed by fungal genome mining
The exit from a gold-mine (without the roof over the shaft). The sloping beams of the construction are visible.
The village of Tschong tshun, seen from the mission station, typical for the Oberland. In the background a tin mine.
Application of genome-wide strategies for the mining of secondary metabolite biosynthesis pathways in filamentous fungi
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