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A multitheoretical multilevel explication of crowd-enabled organizations: exploration/exploitation, social capital, signaling, and homophily as determinants of associative mechanisms in donation-...
Temporary accomodation with outhouse in Besongabang, c.1912.
Temporary housing for the missionaries in Bali (Cameroon).
Temporary mat church of the 'Christian College' in Canton.
Church under construction; Temporary seminary, India, ca.1920-1940
Men of the king building his temporary shelter during a camp
Aquariyum! Designing an organic asynchronous gameplay experience
Preparing ground for building temporary shelter, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1927-1928
Boats used to create a temporary bridge, Leshan, Sichuan, China, ca.1915-1925
Undocumented student organizations: navigating the sociopolitical context in higher education
"Medical mission in India. Temporary womens' hospital in Kalikut with Sister Käthe and a bible woman.
Original. Christmas 1913! Left Miss. Doxie, right family Stolz. In the background the temporary accomodation.
Basel Mission. 16. Dr. Hey's temporary hospital in Odumase (Gold Coast).
Special event management: A model of temporary administration
Elementary school in Kanyadi with teacher[sic], Felix Huns and James Sumanta, and the temporary school building.".
Organizing Christian schools.
A little house containing a coffin - a so-called temporary burial till a lucky place [for a grave] has been found.
Temporary railway bridge over the Rio Chico with a goods train carrying sugar cane. Puente del Mte. Redondo on the Rio Chico.
Temporary graves in Honyen. The coffins are walled around with bricks. The relatives are waiting for an auspicious day to carry out the proper burial.
The servants of the missionaries ar Besongabang. In the background the temporary accomodation until the finishing of the mission house in July 1914.
Beginning Cash Balances, Temporary Borrowing, And Contingency Reserves Ofcalifornia School Districts
Special or Temporary Citizens' Committees in the public schools of California
Tacit anticipation among film students: an ethnography of making movies in film school
Temporary school building in Nyasoso, Cameroon. [The picture shows] the wife of another teacher who is herself a pupil; the teacher Abel Mbong; his daughter; and the brother of Koto.
My temporary home in Banjun. The other [European] is Billmann. In front of the house stand my 'officers'. The horse-boy is wearing a pair of riding breeches which have retired from my service.
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