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Art and time: temporary public art and contentious space
Visualizing sporting event temporary flight restrictions
Temporary prayer hall in Pingnan, China, 1929.
Group of men building temporary church and school, Jamaica, ca. 1910
First temporary mission house, Rungwe, Tanzania, 1891
Crew of wrecked schooner by temporary shelter, Malo, 1887
Temporary hospital at Odumasi, Dr. Hey with wounded.
American Expeditionary Force camp made up of temporary buildings in France, ca.1915
Cirtual 3D placement of temporary orthodontic anchorage implants
Rows of temporary dwellings in the Venice Tent City, 1900-1909
Distinguished Group, Kikuyu, Kenya, August 1926
Temporary shelter
Certain tendencies in Canadian cinema: temporary insanity and the national tax-shelter masquerade
Temporary international labor migration
Church under construction; Temporary seminary, India, ca.1920-1940
Attachment style as a predictor of group conflict, post-conflict relationship repair, trust and leadership style
Portrait of a group of monks at Mission San Luis Rey, 1902
Group portrait at Mount Kenya bothy, Kenya, ca.1925
Comparison of cortical bone thickness between second premolars and first molars in the maxilla and mandible in four ethnic groups
Original. Christmas 1913! Left Miss. Doxie, right family Stolz. In the background the temporary accomodation.
Special event management: A model of temporary administration
Elementary school in Kanyadi with teacher[sic], Felix Huns and James Sumanta, and the temporary school building.".
The servants of the missionaries ar Besongabang. In the background the temporary accomodation until the finishing of the mission house in July 1914.
Root resorption of maxillary molar after intrusion by using TADs
Beginning Cash Balances, Temporary Borrowing, And Contingency Reserves Ofcalifornia School Districts
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