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View of Redondo Beach harbor, showing the British ship Kirkcudbrightshire and five other ships waiting to dock, ca.1895
Ship in drydock in Portland, Oregon, [s.d.]
Wharf showing cargo being loaded onto a ship, [s.d.]
Large ship skirting the coast of Alaska, 1935
Model of a galleon sailing ship, ca.1900
View of Los Angeles (San Pedro) Harbor, showing ships unloading along a wharf, 1910-1929
Lumber stacked in piles in front of a ship, [s.d.]
Old sailing ship moving across the ocean, San Diego, ca.1900
Ship about to dock at the pier at the Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, 1913
Captain Frye's (aka Captain Charles Fryatt) ship, which was sunk in the raid on the Belgian port of Zeebrugge in World War I, ca.1915
View of the American docks and shipping at the Saint Nazaire harbor in France, ca.1916
Dockworkers pushing a cart stacked with cargo next to a ship in Los Angeles Harbor, [s.d.]
View of the outer harbor at San Pedro, showing several sailing ships and Deadman's Island, ca.1905
Colored painting of a sailing ship on sea, showing thick pink clouds against a blue sky, ca.1700
A lumber schooner, the Azalea Sanfrancisco, anchored at the Redondo Beach railroad and shipping wharf, ca.1904-1910
Hundreds of people lined up along the beach and on the pier of Avalon, showing a tall palm tree in the foreground, Catalina Island, [s.d.]
Dockworkers loading a large ship in Los Angeles Harbor, [s.d.]
The determination of the stresses produced by wind pressure in tall buildings
Four battleships in formation in the open ocean, [s.d.]
Bon voyage ceremony for the steamship City of Los Angeles at San Pedro Harbor, 1920-1940
Panoramic view of the San Pedro Harbor looking west, Los Angeles, 1900
Starboard profile of the U.S.S. Maine with launches alongside, 1908
Line of battleships at sea, [s.d.]
The port of Lagos, Nigeria, 1953-1968
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