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"A Place of Worship", postcard, 1909-10-21
"A Spanish Courtship", postcard, 1905
"Bruin Roundup", University of California Los Angeles,1951
"For the Sake of Love" promotion, 2006
"Gathered at the annual meeting of the Japanese Association" -- caption on photograph
"Nike" on exhibit at Coliseum for Armed Forces Day, 1954
"Perferating Pete" and Field Foreman in offices, etc., Southern California, 1936
"Talk" "Dont Talk" sign in City Council, 1960
100 years old, 1953
106. Perkoff interview, reading poems; Lipton & Myer discussion on Beat, 1958?; Rios reading poems; Reingold reading poems
119. Lipton, Carradine, et al. reading poetry, [s.d.]
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
A Model For Integrating Occupational Therapy Procedures
Formative Influences In The Life Of Olive Schreiner, Victorian Feminist And Freethinker
135. Roskolenko, Boyd, Saroyan, Rabinowitz readings & discussion, [1955?]; Lipton interview of Foster (Firestone), [1955?]
137. USC lecture to medical students, 1959-10-08; poetry reading
The Dream Becomes A Reality(?): Nation Building And The Continued Struggle Of The Women Of The Eritrean People'S Liberation Front
On The Limits Of Not Being Scripted: Video-Making And Discursive Positioning In Coastal Southeast Sulawesi
Maternal devotion: The symbiotic relationship between mothers and sons in "Yi Jian zhi"
It Was In The Air: Adolph Gottlieb, The Pictographs, New York, And The Zeitgeist Of The 1940S
The Japanese Demonstratives Ko, So And A
A Proposed Role For The Superior Colliculus Within The Feedback Loop Of The Brainstem Saccade Generator
The House That Jack Built. (Original Writing)
Pulse Oximetry Failure Rates
The Analysis Of Circular Data
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