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Beyond paradise and power. Contending arguments on the future of transatlantic relations and the West (1991-2001)
Distinguishing cultural relations from cultural diplomacy: the British council’s relationship with Her Majesty’s government, 2015
Mattachine Society; Department of education (1958-1960)
Trading places: an in-depth analysis of entertainment public relations practices within different socio-economic contexts
Mattachine Society; Legal and legislative reports (1954-1957)
The mission ship of the Leeward Islands (Society Islands)
Mattachine Society; dissolving of area councils, correspondence (1961)
The evolution of sustainability: a public relations and business argument
An investigation of the public relations program of an elementary school.
Mattachine Society; dissolving of area councils (1960-1961)
Evolution of visual public relations: the essentials of branded video
Setting The Pattern Of Contemporary International Relations In The Middleeast:  1953-1958
State employee, in Cameroon
School and community cooperation through a two-way approach to public relations.
The study of the difference between the US and Taiwan markets in implementing Xenical public relations practices
Relational leadership: underrepresented student perspectives on diversity courses
The role of public relations in the transition from war to peace: A case study of the Oslo Peace Process
Koryo Kyongjesa. Inquiries to Korea Economic Society. 1944-1946.
State school in Foumban, Cameroon
From the Great wall to the Wall Street: Investor relations strategies for US-listed traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers
Mattachine Society; notes (circa 1950-1953)
A leader of a troop of dancer, Leeward Islands (Society Islands)
From imperial suzerainty to absolutist sovereignty: the transformation of the state system in the Holy Roman and Ottoman empires
Bulletin of the China Society of Southern California, 1980-1989
Bulletin of the China Society of Southern California, 1970-1979
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