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Building cellular self-organizing system (CSO): a behavior regulation based approach
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Baptism in Chang Chun
Evangelist Chang from Changchun
Else Gejlbjerg and teacher Chang. Fenghuangcheng.
A case study of the instructional leader's role in leading change: preparing for the implementation of Common Core State Standards in elementary schools
An English class at the college in Chang Chun, 1926
From the college in Chang Chun. The students gathered in the schoolyard, 1926
Miss Anna Bøg Madsen together with Mrs. Chang (to the right) and Miss. Pei in Suiyen
The Taiwan Lutheran Church President, Rev. Chang Chi-Tang at a visit to Denmark, 1971. From lef...
Harbin Parish Council, 1919. Farmer Che/ Secretary Leo/ Former Evangelist Chang/ Grocery Chav/ ...
The President of Taiwan Lutheran Church/TLC, Rev. Chang Chi Tang and Secretary General of DMS, ...
Taiwan Lutheran Church, Taipei. The President of TLC, Rev. Chang Chi Tang, photographed at Cope...
Childlessness and psychological well-being across life course as manifested in significant life events
A lotus pond outside Huanjen. On the bridge you see Evangelist Chang and part of the Christians...
From a crusade 1926, The crusade workers are pastor Jen, missionary Madsen, evangelists Chang a...
The President of Taiwan Lutheran Church/TLC, Rev. Chang Chi Tang visiting Denmark, 1971. Here w...
Band instrument selection by middle and high school students in international schools: personality predictors and various influences
Effective communication during organizational change: a gap analysis
Mission Secretary, Rev. Karen Berntsen together with Chang Yu Wen, just arrived at the Lutheran...
View of Chang Chia Chuan, the stronghold of Islam in South Eastern Gansu, China, 1936
Firstfruits of the mission in Chang Chun. The girl with the stiff leg to the right and the litt...
The missing link: the role of organizational culture in technology change management communication
The illusion of communication
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