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"A number of SF Japs crowd Bush St. sidewalk in preparation for their transfer to evacuation center for them at Tanforan -- Soldier escorts shown forground."--caption on photograph
"Act 2 Mission Play, San Gabriel, California: Excommunication scene", postcard
"By train and by auto caravan, 1000 men of Japanese birth or Japanese ancestry left Los Angeles yesterday for evacuation camp at Manzanar in the Owens River Valley" -- caption on photograph
"Crowding around special bus on Bush St. are some of the first local Japs being evacuated from the city to new assembly center at Tanforan Race Track.  Soldiers in group acted as escorts" -- capt...
"Excommunication of the Comandante, Second Act,", postcard, circa 1920s
"First Indian baptism, first act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Here is a view of some of the Japanese taken into custody by FBI officers when a ferry from Terminal Island docked at San Pedro" -- caption on photograph
"Japs Sprayed with DDT" -- caption on photograph
"Lunchtime For Japanese Convoy -- Enroute to their new homes in a reception center at Manzanar, California, Japanese traveling in an auto convoy paused in the Mojave desert for a box lunch provid...
"Pageant of the Indian crafts, second act", postcard, circa 1920s
"Personal possessions of Jap evacuee are piled high on roadster, one of 300 cars in Manzanar caravan.  Army jeeps, each bearing two soldiers, were escorts."--caption on photograph
"Return of portola, first act", postcard, circa 1920s
"The processional, second act", postcard, circa 1920s
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
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The feminized city:  Reading Wang Anyi's "Ballad of Eternal Sorrow"
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