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Social worker and patient, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1941
Carl Shafer interview, 1994
Louis Ziskind interview, 1993
Helen Boardman interview, 1988
Lola Selby interview, 1989
Irene Hobbs interview, 1988
June Brown interview, 2002
Margaret Mudgett interview, 1988
Louis Ziskind interview, 1997
Ransom Carver interview, [s.d.]
Meyer Elkin interview, 1992
Rama Weizmann interview, 2018
Ann Shaw interview, 1993
Katheryn Nielsen interview, 2000
Clement Matzen interview, 1993
Chris Hewitt interview, 1990
Robert Roberts interview, 1993
James Blaine interview, 1992
Howard Parad interview, 1999
Arlien Johnson interview, 1977
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