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Homeless man of Hipanic origin,sleeping on the streets of El Salvador.
Autonomic and metabolic effects of obstructive sleep apnea in childhood obesity
Cardiorespiratory variability in normal and sleep disordered breathing states: a comprehensive model
Sleeping woman, El Sereno, 1984
Chemehuevi Indian man sleeping in his sleeping shelter in the field, ca.1900
Sugiyama, sleeping quarters assignment card, [1941/1945]
Overdose of sleeping pills, 1952
Seeing sleep: real-time MRI methods for the evaluation of sleep apnea
Suicide over dose of sleeping pills, 1952.
Combination sleeping berth/commissary of the Pullman Palace Car "Gem", ca.1880
Model-based phenotyping of obstructive sleep apnea in overweight adolescents for personalized theranostics
Baby and sleep pills (Pasadena emergency), 1951
Abnormalities in cardiovascular autonomic function: independent effects of sleep-disordered breathing and impaired glucose metabolism
A cone beam-CT evaluation of the upper airway for sleep apnea prediction
Marines sleeping in the field
A village for people with sleeping sickness.
Woman with a sleeping baby on her back, Rwanda, 2004
Sleeping sickness patients, Congo, ca.1920-1940
I came home to a sleeping country, 2013
Baby dies from eating sleeping pills, 1951
African man suffering from sleeping sickness, Nyasa, Tanzania, 1929
Predicting CPAP adherence by a sleep study: a wavelet-based deep learning approach
Time-varying closed-loop modeling of circulatory control in sleep-disordered breathing
African man suffering from sleeping sickness, Nyasa, Tanzania, 1929
Climate forces missionary staff to sleep outside. The Girls school in Crater
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