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"Just the car we wanted", Southern California, 1936
"Keep a Stiff Upper Lip", Southern California, 1932
"Kentucky Boy" for Balto, Southern California, 1935
"Kid from Spain" girls at John Brandeis Rancho, Chatsworth, Southern California, 1932
"Kosloff" and dancers, Southern California, 1934
"One eyed Connolly" taken at Hollywood breakfast club, Southern California, 1930
"Peggy", Russ Paulson's dog, Southern California, 1936
"Royal Scot" English train, Southern California, 1933
"Shell Show", Al Jolson, Joan Blondell, etc., Southern California, 1935
"The Christus" by Hofmann, Southern California, 1940
"The Times was right again", Southern California, 1935
"We Want Waffles" and plate of waffles, Southern California, 1935
Fault Tolerant Characteristics Of Artificial Neural Network Electronic Hardware
Auditory Brainstem Responses (Abr): Variable Effects Of Click Polarity On Auditory Brainstem Response, Analyses Of Narrow-Band Abr'S, Explanations
Estimation Of Upper Airway Dynamics Using Neck Inductive Plethysmography
Speaker-independent vowel recognition with coarse spectral information using a TDNN
13th Church of Christ, Scientist, Los Angeles, 1926
Reassessing the relationship between globalization and welfare:  Welfare spending and international competitiveness in less-developed countries
A technical survey of embedded processors
Second language acquisition of the ba-construction in contemporary Mandarin Chinese
Nonlinear dynamics of the electroencephalogram of infants with prenatal cocaine exposure during sleep
Platform-based design for mobile multimedia applications
Sequential detection with applications to detection of network intrusions
Clathrin associated protein (AP) binding motifs in AD5 penton
Polymorphisms in genes involved in steroid hormone metabolism and mammographic density changes in women randomized to menopausal estrogen and progesterone therapy
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