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"Deputy Sheriff Rod Campbell of Sacramento inspects a razor sharp sword among several seized from Japanese there.  Before him are Jap army uniforms, two aerial bomb casings, a wrestlying banner a...
"Firebug" pix, Temple City Sheriff's Station, 1951
"Green scarf" bandit, 1952
"Prince" on trial (forgery), 1954
"These Japanese were held at the Firestone Sheriff's substation during the blackout.  They are, left to right, Sukechi Yokoyama, Tokushici Okuda, Ryosuke Yamado, Setsuji Fugimoto and Seiichi Ishi...
"Two Japanese nationals, Shinicki Hamamato and Sachio Kitani turn in their cameras to Deputy Sheriff A. F. Brehm.  Seated at right is a civilian defense worker, Mrs. W. G. Neilsen."--caption on p...
"Two Japs being taken into custody at San Pedro under orders of the FBI.  Left to right are shown Tokuju Yasaki, Deputy Sheriff A. M. Barr and Sadahei Hirose."--caption on photograph
1. Documents from Salazar's Early Years -- Mexico to Texas
100 officers in narcotic raid ($500,000 haul) lineup of suspects, 1956
Moving Target. (Original Writing)
1958 World Trade Week committee, 1958.
2. Documents from Salazar's College and Early Career
3. Documents from Salazar's Career in Los Angeles (1959-1970)
4. Documents on Salazar's Death and Legacy (1970 to present)
4th of July Newhall Festival, 1951
5. Photographs from the Salazar Papers
Richard Grenville:  Third Duke Of Buckingham And Chandos:  A Case Study Of The 19Th Century 'Amphibious' British Aristocrat
6.73. IC on LAPD / general counsel - Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, 1990 Feb. - 1991 May 28
H. L. Davis:  A Critical Study
Legislative Compensation In California:  An Appraisal Of Alternative Salary Criteria
The Major Plays Of Tennessee Williams, 1940 To 1960
Law Enforcement And The Juvenile:  A Study Of Police Interaction With Delinquents
Relationships Of Law Enforcement Agencies And School Districts In Selected Counties Of California
Relationships Of Unified School Districts And County Governmental Agencies In Selected California Counties
Role Playing Ability And Social Adjustment In Children
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