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"A far cry from Tanforan as Bay Area horse racing fans knew it in pre-war times is this scene at the peninsula track today as vanguard of SF Japs, including children arrived there."--caption on p...
"All enemy aliens living in the above indicated evacuation area, an area thick with defense plants, must move by Feb. 24, the United States ordered yesterday.  Five miles wide, the zone extends 1...
"General View of Relocation Center -- This is a general view of the Tule Lake, California, Japanese relocation center located near the California-Oregon border and 40 miles southeast of Klamath F...
"General view of the center and barracks area looking approximately south east from a sentry tower."--caption on photograph
"George Hickey, Japanese alien who operates vegetable stand in prohibited area opposite Vultee plane factory, shown with his Nisei wife, Mrs. May Hickey, who will take over business when he leave...
"Jap Evacuation -- Two-year-old Keith Miyamoto" -- caption on photograph
"Jap Reception Center Nears Completion" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Seized in Roundup" -- caption on photograph
"Japs Register -- In preparation for the mass exodus of Japanese from San Francisco" -- caption on photograph
"Japs Relocate In Scenic Spot" -- caption on photograph
"Little Boy, Big Appetite" -- caption on photograph
"Lunchtime For Japanese Convoy -- Enroute to their new homes in a reception center at Manzanar, California, Japanese traveling in an auto convoy paused in the Mojave desert for a box lunch provid...
"Pack Shinto Temple Property for Moving" -- caption on photograph
"Philosophic acceptance of Uncle Sam's edict, that they be evacuated from coastal areas is manifested by this trio of Japanese on the specially chartered bus [...] which took off for the Owens Va...
"Railbirds, But No Ponies to Watch -- Among the first Japanese to be moved into the newly built assembly center at Tanforan racetrack, near San Francisco, on April 28 were these, who lined up at ...
"Rush Jap Aliens Away From Vital Area" -- caption on photograph
"Safespot" publicity, Southern California, 1933
"Sierra Flyer" end of run, Southern California, 1934
"Stop Wear" publicity, Union Oil Co., Southern California, 1933
"This facsmile from a pamphlet distributed by the War Relocation Authority to the Japs-citizens and aliens" -- caption on photograph
"View of Hollenbeck Police Station as Axis nationals, mostly Japanese, lined up yesterday to turn in cameras and radios under U.S. orders. -- caption on photograph
"Want A Job -- And Freedom -- Two young evacuees at Manzanar Relocation Center are pictured here studying 'Help Wanted' bulletins" -- caption on photograph
"What's wrong with this station?", Southern California, 1934
'Stop Wear' check system, Union Oil Co., Southern California, 1933
(a) a stool. (b) Ngeka (a game). (c) palm-rib as children's toy. (d) knife for tattooing. (e) fish trap. (f) Hoe. (g) Crowbar. (h) method of fixing a roof timber. (i) sliding door in the hut.
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