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August Hans, assistant schoolmaster. Blueliliesbosch, South Africa East, [s.d.]
The schoolmaster's house, Elim, South Africa, [s.d.]
Schoolmaster and pupil.
The pueblo schoolmaster and town drum corps at Mission San Juan Capistrano, ca.1907
Government schoolmasters in Cameroon. Walter. Houseboy. Bez. Christaller with wife and child.
Christianity, the Enlightenment, and primary education: American children's textbooks and schooling, 1700–1810
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Los Angeles Star, vol. 9, no. 46, March 24, 1860
Crowds and livestock, Zoma Market, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
View of Analakely hospital, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
Missionary being carried by filanjana through fields, west of Antananarivo, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
Canoes on Ikopa river, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
View of Ambatonakanga memorial church, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
View of forest village, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
Ampamarinana Memorial Church, Madagascar, ca.1874
Group at place of martyrdom, Ambohipotsy, Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
Distant view of Royal Encampment, Imahamasina, Madagascar ca. 1870
View of crowds, Andohalo, Madagascar, ca. 1874
View of Antananarivo from Anosy lake , Madagascar, ca. 1865-1885
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