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Giraffes in savanna, Tanzania, [ s.d. ]
Savanna and Mount Meru, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Tree savanna, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Clouds over savanna, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Thick clouds over hilly savanna, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
View of Utengule and the savanna of Safwa region, Utengule, Tanzania, 1936
Savanna with trees.
Bush savanna near Sokode.
Savanna landscape south of Nwereme.
Going through savanna with trees.
Typical savanna landscape with umbrella acacias.
Ecology and nesting patterns of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in Issa, Ugalla, western Tanzania
Landscape at Tulluu Gumaa, Ethiopia, 1929-04-04
Dilworth, letter, 1991-07-10, to Independent Commission
Protocol & university events staff, Trustee Conference, Calif., 2009
Baobab tree in the savannah, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Tree in the savannah, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Reception, USC Trustee Conference, Calif., 2009 April 3
Evolution of the Indian Monsoon and rise of C₄ photosynthesis in the Miocene and Pliocene
Porters carrying hides, Tanzania, ca.1898-1914
Workers in a brickyard, Mbozi, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Walking in the Rift Valley, Nyasa, Tanzania, ca.1937
Blantyre landscape, Malawi, ca.1910
Namuli mountains, Mozambique, ca.1904
Namuli mountain range, Mozambique, ca.1910
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