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Six young women gathered in white and colored wraps, Madagascar, ca.1909
Young women in traditional headdress and clothing, China, ca.1920-1940
Women’s stories of reproductive life in rural California: a qualitative study
Young Abyssinian women, Ethiopia, ca.1951-1952
Young women standing in a line, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Young Chinese women outdoors, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1941
Young women in patterned dresses assembling outdoors, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Two young women working a spinning wheel, India, ca.1920-1940
Missionary sister with nine young women seated for a portrait, India, ca.1920-1940
Two young women standing outdoors in customary dress, India, ca.1920-1940
Young women carrying clay water jars on their heads, Madagascar, ca.1920-1940
Young women sitting outside a wooden building, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Girls and young women with a missionary nun, India, ca.1920-1940
Three young women with water jugs, Bengaluru, India, ca.1920-1940
Women in charge of the camp for young people, in Gabon
The school for young women in Pulantien. The picture has been used in 1939
Two young women of the Indian Colony, Fiji, ca.1900-1930
Women braiding a young girl's hair, Madagascar, ca.1900-1930
Nine young women posing near a tree, Toamasina, Madagascar, ca.1900-1930
Initation rite : young women with their animist chief
Young christian women.
Women's school students, Sichuan, China, ca.1920
Young women performing needlework in a large room, Madagascar, ca.1920-1940
Young men and women.
Women's class, China Inland Mission compound, Shanghai, China, 1897
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