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Planning by rewriting
Scalable data integration under constraints
Thebais rescriptrix: Rewriting and closure in Statius' "Thebaid" 12
Designing efficient algorithms and developing suitable software tools to support logic synthesis of superconducting single flux quantum circuits
The problem of space remains:  How Colette and Virginia Woolf use text, narrative, and style to rewrite gendered space
Révoltes sans témoin: la tracée du marronnage dans la littérature haïtienne
Simulations/shape-shifting surrealism: Rikki Ducornet's poetry of feminist intersubjectivity
Autotuning, code generation and optimizing compiler technology for GPUs
Charles Crittenden Baldwin, letter, 1924-05-05, to Hamlin Garland
Marine inventor, 1960
Interview, 1960
Garden Grove murder suspect (Harold Anderson), 1959
Murder in Costa Mesa, 1960
Reclaiming the book-object: appropriated texts in 21st century poetry
Automatic detection and optimization of energy optimizable UIs in Android applications using program analysis
Tired of reading the same old stories?
Russian Christmas at Newport Beach, 1960
Chaplains conference, 1959
Self on the move: lyrical journeys in the twentieth-century Russian poetry
Booth Tarkington, letter, 1921-02-26, to Hamlin Garland
Smog detecting machine, 1960
Growth of Anaheim, 1959
Fireman burned, 1952.
Fullerton Homecoming Queen candidates, 1959
Old street cars being loaded on ship "Mormacland", 1959
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