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Incentivizing quality in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals: manufacturers' views on quality ratings
The old temple ruins in Mukden. Witts Report
Annual Meeting in Århus 1983. Accountant Villy Clemmensen reports results.
Dr. Larsen's report, Dr. Larsen with the hospital staff
Student willingness to report violence in secondary schools
Professional development in generating managerial high-quality feedback
The impact of visual field impairment on health related quality of life: a population-based study
Standards based report card: teachers' perception on the development, transition, and implementation
Temple. (see report from Schiess dated August 1928).
Representitatives 1981: A section of the assembly. General Knud Sorensen reports.
DMS's congress 1946 in Esbjerg: Reporters and members of the Mission House
The national congress in 1995 in Vejle: Chairman's Report be approved
Chemical dissection of monosaccharide metabolic chemical reporter selectivity
Missionary Victor Theill's report: The old church building at Panruti, Arcot, South India, 1921.
Discriminating changes in health using patient-reported outcomes
Economic Quality Control (Eqc)
Quality literacy instruction in juvenile court schools: an evaluation study
Emil Jensen Report: Sunday School children outside the chapel, 1919. (Ms. Frederiksen and my wi...
Wineglass mode resonators, their applications and study of their quality factor
Vicar Finn Allan Ellerbek interpret information manager's report for the Japanese guest, Mr. Yu...
DCG gathering for reporting, sharing, entertainmentDCG (Development Cooperative Groups). Landsb...
Lands meeting in May 1946 in Esbjerg: Mission Field The General C. Rendforff report (125th anni...
Country meeting in May 1946 in Esbjerg: Home Work General Harald P. Madsen report (125th annive...
Marital quality, gender, and biomarkers of disease risk in the MIDUS cohort
Couples’ neuroendocrine activity in response to family conflict discussions: the role of self-reported anger and previous marital aggression
of 1880