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Chevrolet Christmas box, Southern California, 1925 [image 1]
Chevrolet Christmas box, Southern California, 1925 [image 2]
New tires at warehouse store, East 9th Street & North Alameda Street, Azusa, CA, 1931 [image 3]
The great supper, Luke 14, 16-24.
[Left-hand picture:] Give me three loaves, Luke 11, 5. [Right-hand picture:] The parable of the yeast. Matthew 13, 33.
[Left-hand picture:] the holy family, Luke 2, 51-52. [Right-hand picture:] The people were sleeping, so the enemy could come and sow weeds. Matthew 13, 25.
The foolish and the wise virgins. Matthew 25, 1-13.
Lazarus, Luke 16, 19-31. The rich man.
The young man of Nain, Luke 7, 11-15. The daughter of Jairus, Matthew 9, 23-26.
The merchant seeking fine pearls, Matthew 13, 45.
The prodigal son, Luke 15, 11-32.
The foolish and the wise virgins. Matthew 25, 1-13.
The unjust householder, Luke 16, 1-7.
The broad gate, Matthew 7, 13-14,  the narrow gate.
The unjust judge, Luke 18, 2-8.
The royal wedding, Matthew 22, 1-14.
King Ndsoya in front of the Reception-Hall in Fumban.
[on the left] The lost sheep, Luke 15, 6-7. [On the right] The lost coin, Luke 15, 8-9.
A junk boat in shallow water at Fushun, China, 1938
Characterization of protein HU PG0121 from Porphyromonas gingivalis and its possible roles in the regulation of the K-antigen capsule expression
Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of heterochromatic double strand break repair in Drosophila cells
Structural characterization of pseudorepeat shuffled alpha-synuclein
Micromechanical modeling of heart valves
The academic goals, course repetition, and completion
Synaptic second wind: phosphene fading of the Argus II and glutamate secretion in the inner retina
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