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[Religious building in Dahomey (?)]
[Landscape, river in the background]
Village in a rocky landscape
[A landscape, along a beach]
Landscape of the East coast
A mountain landscape near Morija
Landscape in Welega, Ethiopia, 1952
A cowherd in Santal landscape
A mountain landscape around Morija
A landscape in the French Congo
[A typical landscape of Tahiti]
Landscape in Welega, Ethiopia, 1952
Landscape, Mozambique, [s.d.]
[A typical landscape of Lessouto]
[Landscape in Cameroon]
[Landscape in Cameroon]
Landscape in Gabon
Landscape in Cameroon
Landscape in Madagascar
[Landscape, in Madagascar]
A religious meeting in Thabana-Morena
Landscape in Foumban, Cameroon
Landscape in Yabassi, in Cameroon
Landscape near the Cango Caves
Landscape on the atoll of Makatea
of 1343