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A comparative study of administrative corruption in ancient and modern China
The politics and economics of the international commercial aviation safety regime
Mark Moody standing over a fallen sniper's body following Rudolf Gajda's revolt in Vladivostok
Wagonload of executed insurrectionists from Major Gaida's revolt in Vladivostok
Bodies from Major Gaida's revolt in Vladivostok
Allied guard inside the Vladivostok railroad station, the morning after Rudolf Gajda's revolt
Seeing the realities in the unseen world = Vizionarea realitatilor din lumea nevazuta
Authentic prophets and false prophets = Prorocii veritabili şi prorocii falşi
The Wedding of the Lamb = Nunta Mielului
The role of the DPRK's Propaganda Office in the Korean War (1946-1953)
Ormuzd (Zhupel, no.1, p.3, 1905) ❧ Midas (Zhupel, no.1, p.3, 1905) ❧ "Down the River Volga, little mother..." (Zhupel, no.1, p.3, 1905) ❧ Pritcha o cherte (Zhupel, no.1, p.3, 1905)
Mozambique against Salazar: Manifesto to the Portuguese "Ministro do Ultramar", [s.d.]
Sunk costs, choice of export channels and switching regimes in Korean small and medium-sized enterprises' exporting
Study of rarefaction effects in gas flows with particle approaches
Neither purse nor sword: strategic minority opinions and judicial policy-making
Bible study about spiritual gifts = Studiu biblic despre darurile duhovniceşti
Unveiling the mystery of the appearence of Antichrist in the world = Dezvăluirea enigmei cu apariţia lui Anticrist în lume
Supreme Court decision-making in slavery cases
Women in Mozambique by special correspondent, 1965 Jan.
The formation of governing capacity in local governments and its consequences: Focusing on developmental and progressive policies from a regime theoretic perspective
The effect of exchange rates and related macroeconomic variables on stock markets under alternative exchange rate regimes: A cross country study 1970-1987
Essays on the economics of radio spectrum
Creep in pure single and polycrystalline aluminum at very low stresses and high temperatures: an evaluation of Harper-Dorn creep
Bunch of bananas and sugar cane.
The resiliency of Arab authoritarianism and the Arab-Israeli conflict: the United States' role in the cases of Egypt and Jordan
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