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Huahine island, behind the coral reef
Paleoecology of Upper Triassic reef ecosystems and their demise at the Triassic-Jurassic extinction, a potential ocean acidification event
Reefs near the shore, Ghana, ca.1920-1940
Granite Reef, site of the Diversion Dam, in Arizona, [s.d.]
Head gate of Diversion Dam, in Granite Reef, Arizona, [s.d.]
"Japanese Freighter's Crew --  Part of the crew of the Japanese freighter 'Rhine Maru' which ran on the reefs about 110 miles from San Francisco March 28 in a fog" -- caption on photograph
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Bleached pavement: the urban redevelopment of coral ecosystems
The dispersal of tropical coral reef fish larvae: Genetic markers, planktonic duration and behavior
The effects of fish-grazing on invertebrate evolution in shallow tropical waters, The nature of protection on tropical reefs, p. 19
Quantitative assessment of the surfability of Pratte's Artificial Surfing Reef, Santa Monica Bay, California
The mode and environment of deposition of a late Cretaceous resedimented conglomerate, near Reef Ridge, Kings County, California
The reef-coral fauna of Zamboanga, Philippine Islands based on the collections of the Allan Hancock Foundation
Geology of the Borrego Mountain Quadrangle and the western portion of the Shell Reef Quadrangle, San Diego County, California
The Eocene sequence of central Reef Ridge: Sedimentary structures and mode of deposition of Avenal Sandstone and significance of the sandy units of the Kreyenhagen Shale
An Ecological analysis of the Floral and Faunal Assemblages on Temperate Artificial Marine Reefs at Santa Catalina Island, California
A proposed plan for the production of an annual report to the public of the Reef-Sunset Union Elementary School District of Avenal, California.
Transporting food supplies from Cape Coast.
Early Jurassic reef eclipse: Paleoecology and sclerochronology of the "Lithiotis" facies bivalves
The microbiome of gorgonian octocorals, Muricea, with a description of a novel, photosynthetic protistan symbiont
Landing on Maiao island
Futuna coast, Vanuatu, ca.1900
Reefer's No-Moth, Southern California, 1934
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