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Hamlin Garland, letter, 1938?, to A. Gaylord Beaman
Stewart Edward White, letter, 1932-01-23, to Hamlin Garland
Stewart Edward White, letter, [no year]-01-09, to Hamlin Garland
Optimal decisions under recursive utility
High energy hosts and blue emitters for phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes
Factors and correlates of sexual behaviors among young adults from continuation high schools
Marcus J. Wright, letter, 1896-09-30, to Hamlin Garland
Leslie Leigh, letter, 1896-10-04, to Hamlin Garland
William Dean Howells, letter, 1917-09-07, to Hamlin Garland
Archer Milton Huntington, letter, 1925-02-07, to Hamilton Garland
Post Wheeler, letter, 1922-12-04, to Hamlin Garland
C.S. West, letter, 1927-02-08, to Hamlin Garland
Mary L. Akeley, letter, 1928, to Hamlin Garland
Hermann Hagedorn, letter, 1931-06-01, to Hamlin Garland
Florence S. Hellman, memo, 1934-10-06, to Herbert Putnam
W.J. Kubelbeck, letter, 1939-10-20, to Hamlin Garland
Cass Gilbert, letter, 1933-08-28, to Hamlin Garland
Cass Gilbert, letter, 1933-08-28, to Hamlin Garland
Comparison of senior middle school students' smoking behavior between urban and rural area in China
A stochastic employment problem
The effect of family structure on risk of familial and sporadic self-reported asthma in a cohort of California twin pairs
Charles Kassel, letter, 1936-05-21, to Hamlin Garland
Mark Sullivan, letter, 1915-01-03, to Hamlin Garland
Mortimer A. Higley, letter, 1897-03-29, to Hamlin Garland
A complex systems view of habit and its impact on pressure ulcer risk in adults with spinal cord injury
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