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Four generations of men, Sichuan, China, ca.1900-1910
Long line of men unloading bananas at the Los Angeles Harbor, [s.d.]
People waiting in front of a church, Mbozi, Tanzania, 1937
Women line up at the dispensary, Kahemba Mission, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Missionary wedding, Chongqing, China, ca.1893-1900
Pots for sacred water, Allahabad, India, ca. 1930
Pedestrians gathered on the street on Santa Catalina Island, [s.d.]
Chinese persons marching in La Fiesta de Los Angeles
"Street Scene in China Town, Los Angeles, Cal.", postcard, 1907-02
Orphan children on a rooftop, Algiers, Algeria, ca.1900-1930
New church, Chogoria, Kenya, 17 January 1930
Vaccination parade, Dodoma, Tanzania, July-November 1917
New church, Chogoria, Kenya, 17 January 1930
S[enior] school children bringing fruit, Nigeria, 1938
Welfare work, Nigeria, ca. 1936
Learning, adaptation and control to enhance wireless network performance
Hankow Operating Room, China, ca. 1905-1914
Optimal distributed algorithms for scheduling and load balancing in wireless networks
Low power and reliability assessment techniques for advanced processor design
Novel techniques for analysis and control of traffic flow in urban traffic networks
Itinerant barber cutting man's hair. Wuhan, China, 1911
Women and Children Outside Brick Building, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
Street Barber, Canton, China, ca. 1905-1914
Baptism, Congo, ca. 1920-1930
Low cost fault handling mechanisms for multicore and many-core systems
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