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Church service of a Nepali congregation, Kathmandu.
Service in Samkita, Gabon
Service in Samkita, Gabon
Bulletin board & sign on service station, West 39th Street & South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, 1931 [image 2]
From a Church Service, Zanzibar, 2001.
Religious service in Gabon
A learning‐based approach to image quality assessment
After the service in Chepenehe
After the church service, in Morija
[An open-air Service with Rev. Pierre Tissot]
Inauguration of the Tahitian church of Noumea : the Service
At the end of a service, in Thaba-Bossiu
Quality of management/service in Operations, Central Bureau, 1981-07-31
[A speaker during a service (?)]
A self-service shop, in Papeete
After a service, in Gabon
After a service, in Akokh
After a service in Gabon
Kindergarten in Ulan Bator, run by JCS (Joint Christian Services)
Representatives from JCS (Joint Christian Services) visiting a Gher kindergarten
Essays on quality screening in two-sided markets
Basuto soldiers at the end of the service
[People attending the service outside the church]
During a Service, church of Cengeite, Maré island
During a Service, church of Cengeite, Maré island
of 1688