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Danish Mission Hospital, Tirukoilur, Arcot, South India. Patient registration ahead of treatmen...
Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission/DBLM. Leper patients receiving treatment at Nilphamari Hospit...
Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission/DBLM. Leper patient receiving treatment at Nilphamari Hospita...
Leper patients being treated at the hospital in Vadathorasalur, Arcot, South India, 1932.
Mrs Bodding's polyclinic in Mohulpahari, and patients waiting for treatment
Patients waiting for treatment at the clinic in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh, 1979.
North India, Santal Parganas, May 1953. A young patient outside Mohulpahari Hospital.
Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission/DBLM, 1989. Examination of patients at the Outpatient Clinic ...
ELCT, Karagwe Diocese, Tanzania. The patient waiting room at Nyakahanga Hospital.
Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission/DBLM, 1989. Treatment of patient at Nilphamari Hospital.
Old chief patient, Nigeria, ca. 1935
A patient with his/her mother
North India. Patients at Rajadighi, West Bengal.
Facilitating hospital patient flow: an exploratory analysis on reducing patient bed turnaround time
Feet of a patient, Maputo, Mozambique, ca. 1914-1930
Leg of a patient, southern Africa, ca. 1914-1930
Patient of a Swiss Mission clinic, southern Africa, ca. 1914-1930
Medical missionaries and African patient, southern Africa, ca. 1880-1914
Patients being cared for at base hospital of General Feng Yuxiang,  Beijing, China, 1926
The integration of medicine and compassionate care: an evaluation study
Gilbert - rescued from death & another patient, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Patients washing wounds, E. Godfrey binding one, Nigeria, ca. 1925
ELCT, Karagwe Diocese, Tanzania. From Nyakahanga Hospital. The archive of the patient journals,...
East Jeypore, Orissa, India. Dr. Virendra Kumar Henry with a patient at Christian Hospital Biss...
Danish Bangladesh Leprosy Mission/DBLM. Hand surgery of a leper patient, Nilphamari Hospital, 1...
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