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Self-propelled float covered in flowers in the Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena, ca.1906
Transition and main group metals applied to oxidative functionalization of methane and use as high oxygen carriers for rocket propellants
View of the Angels Flight, Los Angeles, [s.d.]
Distant view of the Bass Ferry halfway across the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, ca.1900-1930
Piezoelectric ultrasonic and acoustic microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for biomedical, manipulation, and actuation applications
Close-up view of United Airlines DC-3 commercial airliner, ca.1935
View of the Angels Flight, looking west on Third Street towards the corner of Hill Street, Los Angeles, ca.1910
View of the Angels Flight with the cars, the tower and surrounding buildings, Third Street and Hill Street, Los Angeles, ca.1910
Congestion in negative curvature: networks to manifolds
Airport of Douala, in Cameroon
Interior view of an aircraft factory, [s.d.]
Hydrogen peroxide vapor for small satellite propulsion
Landed airplane draws crowd, Sichuan China, ca.1900-1920
Changing viewership habits: an analysis of the new television landscape: when going over-the-top, who will end up on top?
Principal leadership for diffusing innovation across an established, high-performing K-12 school system
Growing up the Disney Channel way
River with boats, Jieyang, China, ca.1913-1923
Large boat docked at a wharf, [s.d.]
Systemic multilayered assessment of global awareness in undergraduate students: an innovation study
Systems engineering and mission design of a lunar South Pole rover mission: a novel approach to the multidisciplinary design problem within a spacecraft systems engineering paradigm
Low tide in Hong Kong harbor, China, ca.1920
A transporting boat at Linjiang, China, 1937
Transitions in the collective behavior of microswimmers confined to microfluidic chips
A footboat on a canal, China, ca.1900-1919
French aviator Louis Paulhan aloft in the night sky at the Dominguez Hills Air Meet (Phoenix, Arizona?), ca.1915
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