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African household objects in Togo. Mortar....
Goldsmith selling objects to express thanks.
Musicians accompany the bhutan object home.
Deep learning techniques for supervised pedestrian detection and critically-supervised object detection
"Losango objects. Living huts from Cameroon.
Using organized objectives to structure arguments for collaborative negotiation of group decisions in software design
[Group of Polynesian men posing  with diverse objects among which a rifle and lances]
Hahn, letter, 1991-03-28, re Standards & procedures for disciplining the Chief of Police
Small objects used by an African soothsayer, southern Africa, [s.d.]
Fetish objects at the entrance to a village.
Peripatetic handworkers making (or repairing) objects of tin.
Objects connected to religious observances. Tools. Chinese living space.
Procedures for handling cases which potentially involve police excessive use of force, [1991?]
Individual portraits of Sunset Club members set around the written procedures of the club, 1895
Nurses demonstrating a procedure at the Los Angeles General Hospital nursing school, ca.1925
Large paper objects to burn at grave, Sichuan, China, ca.1915-1925
The use of objective tests as instructional procedure in physics
Learning objective functions for autonomous motion generation
Huts from Cameroon. Losango objects.
Excursion procedures.
Bawe the magician from Mbembe with the magical objects in his compound.
Objects and weapons from the interior of Cameroon. Quiver; saddle blanket; quiver; shield.
"Sale of exotic objects at the Mission Festival in 1942 (in Staehelin's Garden).
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