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Letter Text: "Dear Mr. Nyholm. You know probably that we have had Bible study where Waidtløv an...
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Individual traits associated with characteristics of subjective probability distributions
Classical Discrimination Conditioning As A Function Of Probability Of Reinforcement
An Exploration Of Interpersonal Behavioral Possibilities And Probabilities
Asymptotically optimal sequential multiple testing with (or without) prior information on the number of signals
Nonparametric estimation of an unknown probability distribution using maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches
Probably the Basel Mission workshops in Christiansborg seen from behind.
Probably the missionaries in Aburi. Mr Kaundinya is standing behind.
Father Wenger Basel, probably teacher in the Basel Mission.
Probably an outstation for the purchase of raw rubber
The botanical gardens in Begoro ... But probably Aburi.
Probably the Mission Trading Company warehouse in Accra.
Mission room at colonial exhibition, probably Paris, ca.1885-1895
Most probably missionary Thal, whose widow (mulatto) died in Korntal.
Conditional survival analyses of malignant glioma patients in Los Angeles County from the years 1990 to 2000
A comparison of four models for predicting probability of fatal outcome in burns patients
The estimation of mortgage prepayment probabilities and the valuation of mortgage-backed securities
Group of boys and adults, probably at Christian Herald Mission, Fujian, China, ca.1910
Excitation probabilities of helium and variational applications to electron scattering problems
Probability and isoperimetry in Banach spaces
An Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Risk Taking And Personal Probability Responding On Multiple-Choice Examinations
"Probably Basel missionaries in Ghana before the First World War." [Caption on the old envelope]
Data scarcity in robotics: leveraging structural priors and representation learning
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