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Printing house of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, in Cameroon
Plasma wakefield accelerators using multiple electron bunches
People operating a printing press, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Male electronics worker and apparatus, ca.1950
Construction of the printing office of Morija
Male worker at the International Electronic Research Corporation, ca.1950
Electronics (?) plant with workers, ca.1940
Fault Tolerant Characteristics Of Artificial Neural Network Electronic Hardware
Printed circuit projects for the secondary school electronics program
Printing press and mill, Kisantu, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Caltech electron synchrotron, 1951
Printing press in Mangalore.
Printing work among Indians.
Printing press in Mangalore.
People printing on cloth.
Enhanced quasi-static particle-in-cell simulation of electron cloud instabilities in circular accelerators
Santal Parganas, North India. The Benagaria Mission Printing House, April 1988.
Santal Parganas, North India. The Benagaria Mission Printing House, April 1988.
Electronic states and photodissociation dynamics of hydroxyalkyl radicals
Electronic Cattle Rustler, 1951
Women workers in an unidentified electronics office, ca.1950
Relationships among cortical thickness, reading skill, and print exposure in adult readers
Engineer in electronics and data, Ruben Lysemose. Volunteer of Danish Santal Mission and sent 3...
Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for electron transport in redox proteins: from single cytochromes to redox networks
Electronic structure of ionized non-covalent dimers: methods development and applications
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