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John Somerville oral history, 1968 [transcript]
Printing-house, in Cameroon
Printing-house, in Cameroon
Printing-house, in Cameroon
Printing-house, in Cameroon
Protestant printing-house, in Cameroon
The printing office at Morija
Protestant printing-house, in Cameroon
Printing on cloth.
Printing machine.
Printing press.
Printing-house in Lambarene, in Gabon
Unidentified group during National Negro History Week, Saints College?, Mississippi?, [s.d.]
Printing house, Bongandanga, Congo, ca. 1900-1915
The Church of God in Christ history conference, program, 2010
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Texas history of COGIC, after 1992
COGIC scholars fellowship history symposium outline, [s.d.]
Printing house of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon, in Cameroon
People operating a printing press, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Construction of the printing office of Morija
History of Saints Junior College, flier, [s.d.]
History of the Lillian Brooks Coffey rest home, 1972?
A brief history of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., 2000
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