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Bundles of rice are taken home
Girls carrying bundles of firewood, Shendam, Nigeria, 1923
Wood bundles near boats, Leshan, Sichuan, China ca.1915-1925
Carrying bundle of sticks for covering the Lukona church's roof
Carrying bundle of sticks for covering the Lukona church's roof
Children bring bundles of sticks for the Mother Day, in Cameroon
Missionary sisters with grass bundles, China, ca.1920-1940
People wearing thick furs standing outdoors by bundled sticks, Alaska, ca.1920-1940
Man with pipe holding a bundle of furs, Canada, ca.1920-1940
Women poling bundled branches through a marsh, Madagascar, ca.1920-1940
Two girls bearing bundles of moss on tumplines, Canada, ca.1920-1940
People working on a hut made of bundles of thatch, South Africa, ca.1920-1940
A group of women on their way back to the village in a rented truck. They sit on their bundles ...
African women carrying bundles of thatch
African women carrying bundles of reeds (?) on their heads
At Sesheke boarding school, girls carrying bundles of sticks on the head
A young man carrying bundles of thatch ; a house in the background
Women bringing bundles of wood to the mission station. In China you buy firewood in bundles not only according to its weight, but also according to its volume. A bundle of pine wood, weighing abo...
Man carrying two large bundles of straw, China, ca.1917-1923
Young boy seated outside of a building, carrying bundles of sandals, China, ca.1917-1923
Hamlet near Kaying (in the background bundles of hay stored around the fir trees).
Chinese woman carrying bundles of grass which will be used as fuel.
Cameroon, Grassfields. Insignias of empire: sword, a bundle of spears, 3 tobacco pipes and a calabash for palm-wine.
Motivic cohomology of BG₂
The theory of liberty as presented in the principal works of Carlyle and Mill
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